What would it be like to realise that it’s your fingers on the keyboard of what happens next in your life?

What would it be like to live your life waiting for your hero to show up and give you what you want, only to discover that you are waiting for yourself?

What would it be like to realise that you are the hero of your own life’s story, and for that to happen in time to make a difference?

Ask yourself this question. Have you forgotten that this life is your life, and that not only are you the hero of your own life’s story, you are its author?

Its difficult isn’t it? We find it difficult to think of ourselves as a hero. Heroes are amazing people with incredible resources and capable of achieving extraordinary things. That means we cant be the hero… can we?

The problem though isn’t that we think heroes are extraordinary human beings; the problem is that we don’t think we are. We don’t think that we’ve got what it takes to be a hero.

The truth is that as human beings we are all already extraordinary.

Think about it this way… we are at the cutting edge of evolution, we are its event horizon. Physically we are pretty much there, just a bit of work to do on the appendix and we’re done! We’re now in a phase that I call the evolution of conciseness.

What makes us sentient beings is not jut that we are aware, it’s that we are aware that we are aware. Now, thanks to incredible advance in applied neuroscience, we are becoming aware of how we are aware, and that changes everything, that is accelerating our evolution as species at mind boggling speeds (quite literally mind boggling!).

What this means is that we human beings already have within us and around us all of the resources we require to achieve whatever it is we want for ourselves in our lives. People who are the hero of their own life’s story don’t have some special part in their brain or some secret elixir running through their veins. The difference is they know how to access all those resources, and then focus them in pursuit of their goals.

So, over the course of this extended series of blogs that will collectively tell The Hero’s Story across all its five parts (see The Hero’s Story), we will discover what those resources are and how the hero liberates them. In the next few chapters I’m going to take a deeper dive into Part 1, and explore what it takes to be the hero of your own life’s story.

My intention is that these chapters inspire you to think about your own story, and to ask yourself what’s true and what’s made up. I want to provoke you to be curious about what parts of your story limit you, and which areas liberate you. I want these chapters to turn you into the fabled Old Timer of the Klondike prospecting for the golden nuggets of your innate extraordinariness, sure in the certain knowledge that “There’s gold in them here hills!”

As we journey through Part 1 of The Hero’s Story we’ll explore who the hero’s heroes are and why that matters? We will see how becoming your own role model of a life well lived creates a self-sustaining appetite that grows with what it feeds on. And along the way we will learn that learning from what you do well, and applying it to what you don’t, is the hero’s most potent resource. All these things you already know, but most of us don’t know that we know.

For those who still feel that being the hero of your own life’s story is too much egotistical arrogance, here’s something for you to consider should you choose.

Heroes aren’t heroes because they say they are – it’s because others do. A hero is a hero because of what they do for other people not what they do for themselves.

So the most important insight, and the one that enables us all to become the hero of our own life’s story, is to help others to be the best that they can be. The best way to achieve what you want for yourself in your life is to help someone else get it.

So whose hero will you be today?