This is the story of the greatest story ever told. It contains the truth we all already know but so few realise.

It is the story of all stories.

We human beings are extraordinary, and all of the stories we’ve shared with each other tell us just how extraordinary we all have the potential to be. They tell us, if we look closely enough, how it is that we achieve those things we want for ourselves in our lives.

In our 100,000-year history as a species we’ve shared billions of stories with each other… and each one is a lesson to the listener who is really listening, in how to make those things happen.

When taken together, and seen through the lens of similarities rather than differences, collectively ‘stories’ begin to reveal a pattern… a strategy, a road map. The stories we share with each other contain the fundamental narrative of human achievement. And I want to share that narrative with you now, I call it :

“The Hero’s Story”

The Hero’s Story is the underlying narrative along which all our lives, our hopes, our dreams, our loves our losses all travel.

And knowing it… and reflecting on it… and using it… will enable you to navigate your life toward those things that you want in your life. You become both the hero and the author of your own true story as yet untold. Wow!

It’s beautifully simple, when you think about it… The stories we’ve shared with each other over thousands of generations are like lots and lots of individual pieces of anecdotal research taken from the experiences of billions of people. Look at stories like that and they become a window into the deeper currents that flows beneath the surface of life. It is these currents that give rise to the material world as we experience it, they create the situations, circumstances, events and aspirations of our life.

You blow of the dusts of these tombs and look with a curious eye on the tales they have to tell and you see a common thread running through them… common themes emerging. These fundamental elements of human achievement form themselves into five distinctive parts of The Hero’s Story.

Every story has a hero and every hero is on a quest. The quest is always full of challenges, over which the hero triumphs. And through that triumph comes the happy ever after, in which the hero can grow, and go on to even greater quests.


The Hero’s Story Arc

It is this common narrative that forms the simple story arcalong which all our own true stories as yet untold, will unfold.

So what’s the ‘how to’? How do you become the hero and writer of your own true story as yet untold, and how do we make it the story that we want it to be?

To get you started ask your self these questions:

  1. Hero – Have you forgotten that this life is your life? What would it be like, and what would become possible, to realise that you are the hero of your own life’s story? What choices will you start to make when you notice that the fingers on the keyboard of ‘what happens next’ are yours?
  2. Quest – What is your life for… what is you quest? What would it be like to live your life clearly knowing what you intend to do with it. What difference would it make to spend time clearing the misty window through which you look ahead at the road ahead, and journey though your life?
  3. Challenges – When you think of the challenges that you face (and have faced) do you choose to see opportunities or obstacles? Are these challenges incoming missiles that make you run for hills or rocket boosters that help you reach for the stars? What impact does this choice have on what happens next?
  4. Triumph – Learning from the challenges, both real and imagined over which we human beings have triumphed, be curious about what it would be like to learn the lessons that are there waiting for you to be discover, harvest and use.
  5. Grow – And as you grow through every challenge and every triumph ask yourself what it will become possible when you realise that you are in fact already your own role model of a life well lived.

The Hero’s Story is a simple story… the story of all stories and it is your story, if you choose. You are the hero of your own life’s story and you are its author. So what will you write? What is your true story as yet untold?