Being Extraordinary

If you had the ‘instruction manual’ on how we human beings achieve extraordinary things, what would you make happen?

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The Lab of Life

Its about being extraordinary

I help people achieve the things they want for themselves in their lives, their careers and their organisations.

I do this through speaking, facilitating and coaching individuals, groups and whole organisations, in ways that enable them to realise just how extraordinary they actually already are.

We human beings are all extraordinary, we are at the cutting edge of evolution and thanks to the incredible advances in the science of human behaviour we now have the instruction manual on what it takes to achieve extraordinary things. I call that instruction manual The Hero’s Story.

After a lifetime of being curious about why we believe the things we believe and therefor do the things we do, I spent the last decade studying behavioural sciences in as diverse and eclectic a way as possible to find out the truths of how we human beings really work.

The most profound truth i discovered is that we all already have within us and around us, all the resources we need to achieve whatever it is we want for ourselves in our lives. The trick lies in how to access them.

So the reason I do what I do is to help people enjoy discovering just how extraordinary they actually already are, and to give them insights, tools and techniques to access those resources they need to achieve their goals.

The Story of All Stories

What would it be like to be the hero of your own life’s story? What would you be able to achieve for yourself and others?

The Hero’s Story is the the story of all our stories. It is the instruction manual on how we human beings achieve the extraordinary things we do.  I share it as a speaker, facilitator and coach in the form of keynotes, books, blogs, YouTube videos and a programme of development both online, and in live seminars and workshops.

The insights it contains came when I changed the way I thought about the millions of stories we human beings have shared with each other throughout our history as a species. When I looked at stories through the lens of similarity rather than difference, I began to see them as millions of pieces of anecdotal research that contain the underlying strategy of human achievement. As I explored this thought I began to notice a pattern emerging, the steps that tend to be present when we human beings achieve the extraordinary things we do.

The underlying strategy is The Hero’s Story. It is a strategy that brings together the empirical and the anecdotal in a framework that has meaning and relevance to the lives we live today. Most importantly The Hero’s Story is a tool we can use to achieve all those things that we want achieve…

…and we can all start using it today by becoming the author of our own true stories as yet untold.

The five simple steps of hero, quest, challenge, triumph grow, and the impact that taking them will have, can be stimulated by asking yourselves these five questions:

  1. Do you see yourself as the hero and author of your own life story, if not then who are you letting write it for you?
  2. Are your clear about what your life’s ‘quest’ do you have the clarity of purpose those who achieve extraordinary things?
  3. When you think about challenges do you wish they weren’t there or a least a little smaller, or do you see challenges as opportunities to grow full opportunities and new possibilities?
  4. Are you able to pull together all of the resources you have, both inside you and around you, and tightly focus them on the challenges you face in order to overcome those challenges?
  5. Do you look on every experience, both good and bad, as an opportunity to learn and grow? Do you believe that everything that happens to you, happens to benefit you?

The Hero’s Story programme doesn’t’t just answers all these questions, it enables you to write the true story of the parts of your life that are yet to unfold.

What’s My Story?

I am a behavioural strategist and a storyteller, and even though I didn’t know it, I have been that since the day I ran away from home to join the theatre.

I trained at the the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and spent 10 years ‘treading the boards’ doing things like Shakespeare and Ibsen. But because I could sing and tap dance I ended up in the West End doing musicals such as My Fair Lady, Aspects of Love and High Society. In order to sing 8 shows a week I had to take singing lessons and discovered that I had a high lyric tenor voice. So I retrained of opera and became a soloist at Saddlers Wells Opera in London.

It was at this point that I met, fell in love with and married, my now ex-wife and decided to settle down.

Settling down for me was to co-found my own live marketing agency which we built up over 17 years with clients like British Airways, O2, Toyota and many other blue chip clients. We sold that business in 2007 and I took a five year sabbatical.

During this time I wanted to bring the two parts of my life together, the part that understood and was fascinated by people and what made them tick, and the other part that understood commutations and how you help people work together in pursuit of a common goal. I became a Master Practitioner in a divers range of behaviour sciences from applied neuroscience, psychology and even hypnotherapy at one end, to NLP, coaching, and drama therapy at the other.

It was this rich mix of influences and insights that led me to the firm belief that we are all extraordinary and capable of achieving extraordinary things.

So today I think of myself as a storyteller. I tell true stories about just how extraordinary we really are. As a writer, filmmaker, behavioural strategist and storyteller I blend the observations of a behavioural scientist, with the questions of a coach, and the curiosity of a philosopher.

I do this to help people discover just how extraordinary they already are, so that they can achieve the things they want for themselves in their lives, whilst they importantly help others to do the same.

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